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Solgenia NetX Solgenia NetX
The Solgenia NetX suite is a set of tools designed to provide a simple and effective discovery and monitoring interface for Windows and UNIX network nodes. Based on the latest technologies, it ensures the highest level of standardization, openness and responsiveness to the demands for interactivity.

Solgenia NetX is a framework that contains all of the functionality required to interface with existing infrastructures and provide both an overview and details of the entire network infrastructure and systems using a centralized database. This open database allows access to any reporting tools.

Gain a complete view of your network and systems infrastructure and activity with Solgenia NetX today! Contact your Authorized Reseller or Solgenia directly to find out more!
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Solgenia Facsys Solgenia Facsys
The SMTP Connector seamlessly integrates Facsys into SAP applications - enabling automated document delivery to shorten transaction times and streamline business processes. Whether it's automated production faxing or individual user tasks, such as faxing orders, receipt of delivery confirmations, invoices, contracts, and other critical documents - it can all be done with ease directly from an SAP application or SAPconnect.

Any SAP system can output fax messages as SMTP messages to the Connector for processing by the Facsys server. Once the fax has been sent, a delivery status notification (DSN) is returned through the Connector and the fax status is entered into the logs of the sending module. The Connector is an add-on module available to be installed on the Facsys server.

Find out how easy it is to send fax messages and receive confirmations within your SAP applications using the Solgenia Facsys SMTP Connector for SAP. Contact your Authorized Reseller or Solgenia directly to find out more!
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Solgenia MultiLink Balancer Solgenia MultiLink Balancer
In today's Cloud based world, downtime for mission critical hosted applications is not an option. The use of multiple connections to the internet to ensure uptime, performance and scalability has never been easier.

The Solgenia MultiLink Balancer is a flexible, effective and easy to deploy solution to meet the requirements for high availability and scalability for applications residing in the Cloud. Solgenia MultiLink Balancer distributes traffic across multiple connections to ensure customers, partners and employees continuous access to the resources they depend on.

Click on the 'Read More' button below to find out how you can ensure that all of your Cloud based applications are always on.
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Dialogic 2011 Fax Upgrade Program Dialogic 2011 Fax Upgrade Program
For a limited time, Dialogic is offering you the opportunity to purchase the latest Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax Products - and to receive a rebate by trading in your existing products.

Make your fax purchase between October 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011. Visit this registration page to input information about the products you purchased and the ones you're trading in on or after October 15, 2011.

To find out more about Dialogic's 2011 Fax Upgrade Program, please click on the 'Read More' button below.
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